Working at Stockhabo

Are you looking for a cool job at a company in your region that has a good reputation in the sector of storage of food products at a controlled temperature? A family run business that has the future ahead of it and invests heavily in people and infrastructure? Where the working atmosphere among colleagues never drops below zero? Welcome to Stockhabo.

What do we offer you?

  • Innovative workplace: We invest heavily in new techniques for an efficient workflow.
  • Big variation: Dairy, vegetables, chocolate… in your job you are served something different every day.
  • Personal growth opportunities: You will be given every opportunity to develop yourself.
  • A great team: At the office or in the warehouse, the colleagues are always ready to help each other.
  • Attractive salary: On top of your salary, you get several nice extras such as meal vouchers.

Did not find what you were looking for?

Can’t find the role for you but still keen to work with us? No problem. Stockhabo is growing fast and enthusiastic people like you are always an asset! Feel free to send us your resume and cover letter, and we will let you know personally when a job becomes available that would be a good match for you.

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Questions about storage of your goods?

Interested in how we can facilitate the storage of your goods? Or do you have a specific request or questions about our other services? Contact us! We would like to help you.

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