Storage at different temperatures

What is the temperature your goods need? We have four main temperatures at our warehouses at which your goods can be stored.

  • Frozen (-18°C to -21°C)
  • Chilled (+2°C to +4°C)
  • Chocolate (+12°C to +18°C)
  • Ambient (uncontrolled)

Wide range of products stores

Because we have different chambers at different temperatures with different types of racking we can store and handle a wide range of products such as potato products, bread and pastries, dairy, vegetables and fruit, meat and fish. That way we can offer and guarantee an excellent service.

Always under control

Our cooling systems are continuously checked to guarantee a constant temperature in our different halls. Food safety is one of our absolute priorities. With several sensors, we monitor the space and temperature of the goods in storage 24/7. That way we avoid temperature swings by detection and correction.

The cold chain of -18°C is guaranteed by using inflatable sides on the bays, temperature-controlled bays and much more.

Our certificates

We hold various certifications and accreditaions, including IFS, BRC, ACS, BIO and AEO. We can store bonded goods as bonded warehouse. Best-in-classstorage and handling of your goods is guaranteed.

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Stock online

Want to check your stock? Through our warehouse management system (WMS) you can easily do this at any time. Don’t have access to this application yet? Please contact us.

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Questions about storage of your goods?

Interested in how we can facilitate the storage of your goods? Or do you have a specific request or questions about our other services? Contact us! We would like to help you.

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