Different services possible

Since many years at Stockhabo GEL we are used to the different services that go with the storage and tempering of butter.

  • Freezing
    Butter often comes in at positive temperature. To extend the shelf life of these products, they can be frozen and stored in a controlled frozen environment of -18°C.
  • Tempering
    Tempering takes place in specialized cells in which air is blown at different temperatures, depending on the temperature of the butter at that moment. To make this process as fast and controlled as possible, temperatures are continuously monitored and the system automatically adjusts to the required temperature.
  • Removing- of the boxes
    After tempering the butter, we can remove all boxes and repalletize on plastic pallets. This way the butter can immediately be used in the production process upon arrival at the customer.
  • Labelling of individual blocks or pallets
  • Repalletizing

Questions about storage of your goods?

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