Container treatment

Because of the globalization of trade, the import and export of goods has grown exponentially. As a result of this, a lot of goods are unloaded and loaded through containers at our warehouses. We have the knowledge, capacity and the experience to treat these containers as fast as possible. We can do this in many different ways.

  • Unloading and loading by hand
    To save space in the container we can load containers by hand, that way the optimal usage of your container is guaranteed. Unloading by hand and palletizing the goods can be done as well.
  • Loading without pallets
    To save time in loading of containers we can load your palletised goods without the pallet. For this, we use special forks or a slip sheet system.
  • Topping up pallets
    To use the full capacity a container offers we can top up the pallets with one, two or more layers.

Order picking

Are your products not always sold in full pallets? No problem. We offer order picking of cases. The orders are collected very efficiently by using voice and scanning systems. This way, we have your orders ready for departure to your customers in no time.


Repalletize your goods (euro, industrial, wooden, plastic…)? You ask, we take care of the handling of your orders, so they are in the desired condition for departure to your customers.
When repalletizing the goods we can also provide the appropriate pallet labels.

Cross docking

Do your pallets require immediate onward transport, without storage? To organize your supply chain as efficiently as possible, we have a separate loading and unloading zone for cross docking. This keeps lead times short, and ensures your goods are quickly on their way to their final destination.

Questions about storage of your goods?

Interested in how we can facilitate the storage of your goods? Or do you have a specific request or questions about our other services? Contact us! We would like to help you.

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